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The MRH supports research across a wide spectrum of microbiome-related topics, all aimed to of devise methods for improving human and animal health by manipulating microbial populations. One of the main aims of the MRH is to provide an open research and knowledge platform for microbiome interested investigators, so as to foster interdisciplinary interactions. The MRH translates new knowledge on human and animal microbiomes in different research areas and provides a research & technology resource which will allow scientists and industries to investigate the microbiome with potential to change the face and future of healthcare.

The MRH aims to deliver innovative research that establishes Italy as a center of excellence in human/animal health, to help the development of industry and to attract multinational companies to Italy to engage in collaborative research programs.




Professor Marco Ventura elected President of the Italian Society of General Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnologies for the period 2025-2027

Parma, July 10 2024.

The Italian Society of General Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology (SIMGBM) is an Italian organization that deals with general and applied microbiology. Founded in 1982, SIMGBM is dedicated to research in various areas, including environmental, agri-food, biomedical microbiology, virology and genetics of microorganisms. The society has around 400 members from the academic world and from public and private research.


SIMGBM promotes microbiological research both nationally and internationally through its collaboration with the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS).


It organizes conferences, events and awards for young researchers, as well as disseminating scientific topics of interest.

This appointment represents an important recognition for his work and experience in the field of microbiology. Congratulations to Professor Ventura for this prestigious position!

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