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To increase our understanding of the microbiome so as to improve health and quality of life.


The Research Center of the University of Parma focused on microbiome research.

Innovative Interdepartmental

Center promoted by the

University of Parma


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overall research aims

The MRH aims to act as a location for shared minds through common ideas, and collaborative interactions and multidisciplinary teams. It supports a dynamic research community, enables rapid translation to private and clinical sectors, and prepares a new generation of scientists able to take on essential questions about the microbiome. The MRH’s mission is to link Italian science with industry and society through excellence in research, education, and public engagement on any microbiome aspect related to human and animal health.


our research work


The main aim of the Microbiome Research Hub (MRH) is to enable and connect an interdisciplinary network of scientists, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to rapidly realize the biomedical potential of the microbes that live within or on us. The microbiome has a fundamental and continuous impact on human and animal well-being, with the capacity to promote health or to cause disease.  


Practical Applications


The MRH performs fundamental studies that help us to discover, characterize and model the microorganisms residing in and on human and animal bodies. In fact, for millions of years bacteria and eukaryotic cells have co-existed in a mutually beneficial symbiosis that is a major factor for the equilibrium and health of higher organisms. Microbiome knowledge has a high potential to lead to discoveries and approaches to develop and enhance safer and whole-some foods and feed, to enhance health and to prevent disease. 

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